Introducing ArchaeoSnack


In situ soil analysis (handheld XRF) of a late Viking Age equestrian burial at Fregerslev, Denmark, by Vana Orfanou © Museum Skanderborg

SciSnack is now broadening its scope to include archaeology and in October we kickstarted the ArchaeoSnack writing group. Archaeology shares many of the analytical methodologies used by geo- and earth scientists such as pollen analysis, C14 dating, analysis of geological cores for reconstruction of the paleo-climate, elemental analysis for identification of geological and man-made materials, to name a few. It, thus, seems fitting that developments in archaeological research are hosted by SciSnack.

The ArchaeoSnack writing group in its beginning phase meets online and includes PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from University College Dublin, University of Edinburgh, University College London, University of Oxford, the Cyprus Institute, and the British School at Athens. The participants have varying interests including the scientific analysis of organics such as human, animal and botanical remains, and inorganic materials including metals and ceramics, extending to landscape archaeology.

As the interests of the ArchaeoSnack peeps are broad, expect to be intrigued by the forthcoming snacks. If you are an early career researcher in any (sub)field of archaeology and wish to challenge yourself in writing for non-expert audiences contact Vana to join the ArchaeoSnack group.



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Vana Orfanou

Archaeological scientist working with past technologies, analysing material culture, and talking about past peoples' worldviews, currently an MSCA postdoctoral fellow at LMU, Munich.
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