UCL joins ClimateSnack

Will Ball's introduction gave lots for the UCL ClimateSnack to talk about (photo: Rachel White)

Will Ball’s introduction gave lots for the UCL ClimateSnack to talk about (photo: Rachel White)

Last Friday saw the launch of a new ClimateSnack group at UCL (University College London). Will Ball introduced ClimateSnack and sparked a flurry of questions from the UCL group of PhD students and post-docs. They raised points on the international future of ClimateSnack and the potential for ClimateSnack sessions at high-profile international conferences. They also had ideas for novel ways of bringing together international climate-snackers to network, collaborate, share knowledge and improve their science writing and communication skills.

The UCL group contains scientists working in an incredibly wide variety of fields relating to climate. This diversity of expertise led to an exciting range of future snack ideas produced during the break-out session of this inaugural meeting, led by Sian Williams from the ClimateSnack-Imperial group. These included summarising poverty policy, describing the impact of building large-scale dams, and estimating the value of the carbon content of peat; ClimateSnack-UCL is set to produce a fascinating array of snacks. Matthew Owen has agreed to chair the next meeting towards the end of December, so we’re looking forward to the first published snacks from UCL to appear in the New Year. Can’t wait!

ClimateSnack-UCL is now the second London-based ClimateSnack group, following on from ClimateSnack-Imperial. Having two groups in one city provides a unique opportunity for London’s early-career researchers to interact and discuss their research and science communication experience. We also welcome early career climate scientists from any research institute in London or the rest of the UK to visit our groups and see how the concept works. If you’re interested, simply get in touch: info@www.scisnack.com.

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